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Property Map

Hand Painted Map - New Cabin -CMYK.jpg

We have three cabins: 'Serenity’, 'Silky Oak', and 'Fern Hill'.

‘Serenity’ was renovated in 2019, is closest to the creek, and has a small set of stairs into the cabin.

'Silky Oak’ was renovated in 2020, is set back a little from the creek but still has lovely views of the creek, and also of the creek flats where the cattle graze. It has a ramp into the cabin. 

'Fern Hill' was established in 2020. It is slightly smaller than the other two, however features a servery window from the kitchen onto the deck. It has great views across the paddock and of the hill across the creek. 

All cabins feature a king size bed, spa bath on the deck, Weber BBQ, coffee machine, Smart TV, and rain shower head. 


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